The secret shipfic community is made up of many different individuals. As such, there's a ton of stuff all scattered across the web. This page tries to list it all in one place so you don't miss any of it.

Websites + Blogs

Official Website:
Official Blog:
Children of Kefentse fan community:

Rules, FAQ, + other documents

Official Rules Document:
Rules (Spanish translation):

Make Your Own Cards

Online card creator:
Official Templates:
Official Guide to making cards:
Official Guide to printing:

Card Assets

Official Assets from Horrible People

Core Deck:
Extra Credit :
Ponyville University:
No Holds Barred:

Official expansions, including

Assets from Children of Kefentse

Since Horrible People closed up shop, Children of Kefentse has released newer versions of the official cards with more consistent text and other errors corrected.

Core Deck 1.1.6:
Extra Credit 1.0.2:
Ponyville University 1.0.6:

Cards made by fans

These are cards made publicly available by the artists that created them.

A Panel of Ponies by Novel Idea
Ask Chrome Pony
Pirate Dash

Card Lists + Databases

Children of Kefentse card list:

Card Vendors

These people either sell the core deck or cards they themselves made!


Other Implementations

Believe it or not, is a newcomer to the shipfic scene. There's lots of other ways to play shipfic online if you're not a fan of


Table Top Simulator:

English edition:
Russian edition:

Standalone app